About Pixelium

"Pixelium" the combination of Pixel, a computer abbreviation for "picture element", and -ium, a chemistry suffix to form the names of metal and some other elements.

Pixelium, a Hong Kong based company founded in July 2000 as a sub-contractor firm. During its early days, the company focused on website and software user interface design. Since 2002, the company entered the "old media" business, extended our expertise to book editorial and production consultancy. We provides editorial, book design and pre-print services to a number of Chinese book publishers in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, surrounding topics such as Aviation, Transportation, Military, History and City developments.

Advertisement in AirForce Monthly (May 2012)

Advertisement of «Fighting Dragons - Modern Combat Aircraft of China» in AirForce Monthly (May 2012), the world's number one military aviation magazine published by Key Publishing Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

The company had become an independent publisher in late-2009. Since then, we have further expanded our scope to military history and military aviation. Pixelium published the company's first Chinese-English bilingual book «Fighting Dragons - Modern Combat Aircraft of China» in 2011; and in 2012, we released our first English only photo book «Air 2 - Aviation Photos and Flight Reports by Sam Chui», by Mr Sam Chui, one of the world's famous civil aviation photographer.

Pixelium also provides "digital" services and solutions. We design and develop websites and web based applications for our clients and for the company itself. "航空用語GBox : Glossary Box for Aviation terms", an English-Chinese glossary reference app on iOS platform, was released in late-2011. Now available on iTunes AppStore as an ad-based app for free download.


Please contact us by email to books◎pixelium.net (Please replace the ◎ with an @ symbol).

Our postal address is:

Pixelium Company
P.O. Box 60302, Tsat Tsz Mui Road Post Office, Hong Kong